Biography FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are answer to some questions that I've received in Feedback:

> What type of style is your artwork?
I call it conceptual because my current work involves both the paintings
(many of which use surrealistic or visionary imagery to convey abstract
concepts) and the description that I create to work with the images.  It is
not easy to classify since it takes elements from several styles.  There is
more about this in my artist's statement.

> What is BS and MIT?
Bachelor of Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Although I
took several writing and art courses at MIT, most of my first academic study
was in math & science.  But more important than the individual classes was the fact that I learned excellent problem solving skills at MIT, which I still use today in every aspect of my life.  In addition, I met many wonderful people at MIT, some of whom I am still in contact with (and who, believe it or not, have thrown some of the best parties I've ever attended).

> What is your most important accomplishment?
This is a very hard question to answer because one of the things that makes
me different as an artist is the breadth of my work.  My career has been a
progression, which at times has shifted from painting to writing, and it is
impossible for me to pinpoint one spot as an accomplishment since later work
is often based on earlier work.  It is also impossible for me to compare
writing a novel as an accomplishment to painting a painting or series of
paintings.  For my career, my most important accomplishment is that I could
stick to it and continue to create despite repeated rejection and a lot of
day jobs.  For my personal life, my most important accomplishment is
unquestionably the birth and raising of my son.

> I would also like to know something about your childhood.
I was  born in Brooklyn, but didn't get to know it too well because my
family moved to Queens when I was very young.  I went to public school in
Queens until 6th grade, after which I got into and started attending Hunter
College High School (HCHS) in Manhattan (that's when I started regularly
 riding  the subway.)  HCHS part of the NYC public school system,
  it is a target school like Styvesant or Bronx Science, except that for HCHS 
we took the admission test in 6th grade, and it was a 6 year school that went 
from 7-12th grade.  While I was attending, the school moved from 63rd Street 
and Lexington to 94th Street between Park and Madison Avenues, so I got to 
see a lot of Manhattan while I attended.  I often walked around the city after 
school, and the new location was right near Central Park, so I went there often 
as well.


More about me in Biography, my art in Artists Statement, my exhibitions in Art Resume, a general statement and photo in About the Artist.  My paintings are available in Painting Tours, Painting Tour Guide 1, Painting Tour Guide 2, Painting Tour Guide 3, Painting Tour Guide 4, and Painting Index.  Note cards of some paintings are available at Note CardsNikola's Nightmares, Feedback and Refer this site are also available.