A Green New Year for 2005

ClaudiaM with green hair

"Green is the color of nature, and the environmental movement.  
And if there ever was a time to speak out for the environment, it is now. 
 I go green for the new year, for new hope, and for plants and animals
 (including human animals) everywhere.  

I am tired of being mistaken for someone who follows convention 
 without thinking.    I am tired of getting into conversations that fall apart 
 as soon as I open my mouth.  I am tired of people assuming 
 that I think exactly as they do.  
I live in the suburbs because I like the trees, hate traffic 
and can afford more space, but also like being close to the city.  
I had a child because that was an experience that I didn't want to miss.  
But I also like art, literature, technology and science and I'd rather discuss 
international politics than the weather.  I suppose with my natural color hair, 
my appearance was rather ordinary, because people were talking to me as if they
knew everything about me, even if we had just met.

Perhaps now people will ask a few questions first, and not run away when I 
give an unexpected answer.

Green hair at night


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