They Met in Paris

"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man,
 then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, 
for Paris is a moveable feast."
- Ernest Hemingway

"Paris 1955 Place Du Palais Royal"

"Paris Aout 1955 Vue de ma Chambre" (inscribed by Ulla, "view from my room")

"Paris Aout 1955 Vue de ma Chambre" 

Ulla August 1953, in Germany

Ulla came to Paris from Germany in January, 1954 at the age of 22.  She wanted to escape the constant reminders of World War II that surrounded her in her home land.  She had been under bombardment since she was seven. moving constantly, and unable to attend school regularly.

Ulla in Dortmund, before 1954

Ulla in Dortmund, before 1954 

Ulla at Parc Monceac, Paris 1954

Paris rooftops, 1950s

Mika and his sister in Serbia, before 1954

Mika came to Paris from Yugoslavia to escape the new communist regime.  In his home land, friends had disappeared after speaking out against the new government.  He arrived in France on a student's visa and was given political asylum by the French government.


Mika (on the left) with a fellow student in Paris, 1950s

Paris 1954 Ave de Bourdonnais

Ulla and Mika in Paris March 5, 1955

Mika in Paris with Ulla's mother and Mika's father, 1955

Paris Summer 1956 Cafe Guartier Latin

Ulla lived cheaply in Paris.  She rented a "chambre de bonne" (formerly a maid's room), and ate at the student cafeteria at Sorbonne University. It was during one such inexpensive lunch that she met Mika. They fell in love and lived together in Paris for the next two years.  Ulla edited and typed Mika's thesis, and in 1956 he got his PhD in Economics. 

"Paris 1955 Tour Eiffel"

Ulla in Paris September 1956

Paris 1956 Johnny et le Club De Jazz

Paris 1956 Johnny et le Club De Jazz

Paris August 1956 Montparnasse Cafe

They had both already applied for visas to this country before they met, and his arrived before hers, so Mika set sail for America. Seven months later Ulla got her visa as well, and she arrived in the U.S. in December, 1956.

New York City Skyline, 1956

New York City Skyline, 1956

Ulla and Mika were married in City Hall on Dec. 13, 1956

First apartment in Manhattan, 1956

First apartment in Manhattan, 1956

They traveled within their newly adopted country as much as their limited budget would allow.  Ulla worked as a secretary, and Mika as a pastry chef in a French restaurant, while he learned the English language.

Ulla in Ausable Chasm, NY, 1957

Mika in Ausable Chasm, NY, 1957

Ulla in Washington DC, 1957

Mika in Washington DC, 1957

Ulla in  Central Park, 1958

Mika and Ulla befriended other European immigrants in New York City.   They didn't have enough money for clubs and restaurants, so house parties (or rather apartment parties) were what they did for fun.

Mika Laughing, NYC party, 1958

Ulla Dancing at a NYC party, 1958

Mika with too many hats, 1958

Apartment party dance, NYC, 1959

NY Beach, around 1958

They also traveled back to Europe, and met with Mika's family in Venice.


But they always returned to the USA, became naturalized US citizens, and had two children in their new home.

Ulla with Mika's family in Venice, 1960

Venice, 1960

Venice, 1960

Mika's family's train out, Venice, 1960

Crowded NYC Apartment Party, 1962

Ulla and Mika in the Kitchen, 1963

World's Fair, 1965


Ulla, 6:30am, August 1953

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