Site History & Updates

Below is the site history, showing major updates in reverse chronological order,
 so you can see the latest updates immediately.

March 9, 2019 - My next video in the "Beautiful Moments" series discusses fear and beliefs.  Here is the link:  Beautiful  Moments 2 - Nothing to Fear

March 3, 2019 - Check out my new video on YouTube - the first in a new series called, "Beautiful Moments". Beautiful Moments 1 Heckscher Park

November 28, 2016 - New hosting and general updates for a whole new look and feel.

August 17, 2015 - The Huntington Arts Council, Inc. chose me as "Artist Member of the Month" and featured my painting “Artist’s Studio” on their web site.  Huntington Arts Council Artist Member of the Month

December 14, 2014 - Added Circle of Friends painting, as well as general updates, a new hosting plan, and into Dreamweaver.

December 6, 2013 - Site clean-up.  My apologies to anyone who has had trouble with this site recently.

April 27, 2013 - Updated the Artastic Destination pages to reflect the closing of the gallery.

March 31st 2010 - Updated Artastic Destination's photos and added a link.

January 29th, 2010 - Updated Artastic Destination's schedule & photo

November 8th, 2009 - Updated Artastic Destination's schedule  

October 13th, 2009 - Updated Artastic Destination's schedule and added a page for Bobbe Ann DeLuca's exhibit.

August 24th, 2009 - Updated Artastic Destination's schedule and added a page for Tom Romeo's exhibit.

June 5th, 2009 - added a page showing Artastic Destination's current exhibit, Stanko's The Food Show, and the very well attended reception.

May 5th, 2009, updated Artastic Destination's Schedule.

April 8, 2009 - rearranged Artastic Destination's main page, added Artastic Windows, and Art Prints & Crafts to complement Pictures in and Around.  Updated the schedule.

March 11, 2009 - updated Artastic Destination's schedule with new exhibitions and added a photo of the Valentine's Day window.

February 5, 2009 - updated Artastic Destination's schedule with new exhibitions and links to artist's sites.

January 15, 2009 - updated Artastic Destination's schedule and added pictures of Galen PIittman's exhibit in December.

December 12, 2008 - updated the Artastic Destination pages with the new schedule and added new photos of the gallery.

August 31, 2008 - added the Artastic Destination schedule with links to exhibiting artists Jason Coughlin's web site and Galen Pittman's paintings on flickr 

August 11, 2008 - added Artastic Destination's schedule and new pictures

July 23, 2008 - added Artastic Destination's Grand Opening Press Release

July 16, 2008 - added updated picture and a new page to Artastic Destination

May 29, 2008 - added Artastic Destination

March 31, 2008 - added link to my art products at cafepress:

March 7, 2008 - updated site for 2008, added 2006 exhibits and updated resume.

July 24, 2007 - added links for artist Madiot and gallery Darby Creek

February 10, 2007 - Added blog entry tribute to my parents adventures.

January 21, 2007 - Added They Met in Paris with photos from my parent's days in Paris in the 1950's through their emigration to NY.

September 5, 2006 - Added links for artists Giambattista Marcucci of Italy and Linda Paul to Links Page 2

September 4, 2006 - removed Google ads.

June 14, 2006 - Added my father's eulogy

December 14, 2005 - Added a blog entry in honor of my mother's birthday.

December 7, 2005 - Added another entry to the artist's blog.

December 2, 2005 - Added a blog page to the site with a backup of my green hair chronicles blog on blogspot.

December 1, 2005 - Updated resume and added page with 2005 exhibits.

November 20, 2005 - Added link for GalleryToday to galleries section of links page.

October 26, 2005 - Added a Site Map with comprehensive links to this site's pages.

October 21, 2005 - added link for British artist Kurt Jackson to artists section of links page.

October 20, 2005 - added Google search and ad links.

October 13, 2005 - added link for jazz musician John Rangel to the newly created musician section of the links page and Italian artist Silvana Brunotti to artists section of links page.

September 28, 2005 - added link for artist Tim Seaward to artists section of links page.

August 10, 2005 - added my first affiliate - the site where I get my green hair dye - and lots of artist links to the links page.

July 5, 2005 - added links for artist Suzana Stojanovic and Family Portrait to artists section of links page.

June 16, 2005 - added link for a1 paintings Art Prints  to gallery section of links page

May 24, 2005 - added link for Baby Bird fine art prints to artists section of links page.

April 13, 2005 - added links for arts5 to art listings and Look Directory  and shopping5 to about life section of links page

March 24, 2005 - added link for paintergallery to artists section of links page.

February 24, 2005 - added link for artist Anne Zapolska to artists section of links page.

December 29, 2004 - going green for the new year!

December 9, 2004 - added link for the French gallery Isabel Gallery 
to art galleries section of links page.

December 8, 2004 - added a Link Exchange Page and a link for Russian artist Inga Vereshchagina to artists section of links page.

October 31, 2004 - added links for and to art listings section of links page.

August 17, 2007 - posted Mom's eulogy.

June 28, 2004 - Added 2004 Shows and Exhibits page with two entries and linked the new cards to their corresponding pages on

April 8, 2004: Everyday and seasonal pages were created to show new greeting cards, and many painting detail pages were added and listed in the painting index.  The photo section was expanded with photo detail pages and a photo index.

February 3, 2004: Added Spinderella e-group to the links page under Artists & Artists' Networks.

January 12, 2004 - Australian Artist Johnny beinArt added to the links page under Artists.

December 18, 2003 - Photos section added including photos of the Dec. 5th snowstorm.

November 30, 2003 - Added page for HAC First Annual Photography Show, a juried show for including one of my photographs.

November 20, 2003 - Added the new everyday and seasonal cards to the Note Cards page.

September 9, 2003 - Added pictures of the HAC Art-trium exhibit.

August 10, 2003 - Added information and directions to the upcoming HAC Art-trium exhibit, as well as photos of my cards at the National Stationery Show.

February 7, 2003 - Created a painting index from the painting prices page to include more of the paintings shown on the site.

January 16, 2003 - Note card page updated to include 16 new designs for a total of 30.  Biography updated with new paragraph about recent events.

August 29, 2002 - Note Card sales moved to, and the note card page was updated with 8 new card designs.

June 8, 2002 - 8 New Note Card Designs Available July 2002.  Note cards page updated to show new designs, as well as site-wide updates to improve look with consistent font, banner and navigation.

April 2, 2002 - Site won this year's Art Space 2000 Web award, which was added to the links page along with a link for Artelino.

March 15, 2002 - Added a link for to the links page.

February 20, 2002 - Photo in About the Artist was updated (people who know me laughed at the last one) and a Biography FAQ page was added with answers to questions I've gotten in Feedback.

January 21, 2002 - Photos of the Xando/Cosi exhibit were added, as well as a site history page.  The site now has 219 pages.

January 16, 2002 - New note cards for the paintings National Gallery and Nature's Cathedral now available on the Note Cards page.

Dec. 19, 2001 - Updated site with Xando/Cosi exhibition news for January, 2002.   Biography also updated with movie link.

Nov. 26, 2001 - About the Artist section added with Biography and an Artist's Statement, tied to my updated resume

October 25, 2001 - Added Note Cards 2-4: Silhouette, Confined, and Beyond the Wall.

August 16, 2001 - changed site name to "Art and Mystery by Claudia Markovich" and created a new banner for the site.

August 8, 2001 - Card sales launch!  Published with note cards page, bug report page, and even a privacy policy to sell my first note card: Mindscape II.

July 25, 2001 - strung the detail pages together with "Next" and "Back" links so that Users can cruise through all the detail pages smoothly.

June 20, 2001 - added art resume

May 22, 2001 - finished creating & publishing detail pages for all the paintings on the prices page.

May 1, 2001 - published painting prices page.  Started using the URL since this is now a commercial site.

March 3, 2001 - started exchanging links with other individual artists, the first being one from Germany (proving the international character of the Web.)

December 22, 2000 - site won the ArtSpace 2000 award, published on links page.

November 10, 2000 - added the Links page and started joining Web rings.

October 2, 2000 - major update: added 5 more painting tours for a total of 7 with tour guides for each, and drawings or paintings in all 42 chapters of Nikola's Nightmares

September 13, 2000 - added a Painting Tour Guide to explain the 2 tours on the site.

August 1, 2000 - added photos of my watercolors to Nikola's Nightmares

May 29, 2000 - created the first 2 painting tours and added them to the site

May 17, 2000 - added the novel Nikola's Nightmares (no pictures, just text)

May 14, 2000 - site launch date: first version of the site is visible on the Web, with 4 paintings posted.  Site name was ClaudiaM's Art Net and used URL.

March 17, 2000 - registered the domain names and

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